Self-adhesive tapes and packaging materials

What we do?

We specialize in the converting of both single and double sided adhesive tapes. We offer tapes with individual parameters based on various carriers and adhesives, within our production capabilities.

Product lines

Being aware of the diversified nature of the market participants, we have created two specific product lines. The first EBORDI FIXO contains general-use tapes, the second EBORDI TECNICO includes specialized products with advanced parameters.


We offer a wide range of complementary services such as the following:

Professional technical support

We are always to hand to select appropriate tapes and their optimal parameters for individual application.


We make every effort to ensure that our products are used in various industries thanks to their physical and adhesive properties.





Air conditioning and ventilation

Tailor-made products

Thanks to the long presence on the market and the experience we have gained, we have developed a customer-oriented approach to self-adhesive tapes. We make custom-made tapes tailored to the individual needs and requirements of clients.

  1. Identification of the need

Finding a solution starts with identifying the need.

We will select a product with dimensions and properties that will make the best suited for the application.

We will prepare and deliver a sample of the dedicated product for quality and durability assessment during testing.

After receiving sample approval, we will determine the final product parameters including individual client guidelines regarding packaging, labeling and logistics.  

Application of self-adhesive tapes by industry

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